Sunday, May 23, 2010

Personal | Making it stick.

In today's world filled with so many different social networking sites, I have learned that some photographers are willing to share their help and some are not. From those that are willing to give someone else a shot at success, I thank you eternally. Your tips have moved me along in my photography business evolution and I continue to grow in knowledge both in my passion and in business. I recently stumbled upon book reccomendations by the husband/wife duo of Gray Photography on how to not be another business failure statistic (if you are looking for tips, definitely check out their blog). I feel like camping out beside my mailbox to wait for these books to come. Photography is a tough, competitive world. You need to have strong business tools behind you to market your skills, and I fully intend to learn that side of the biz.

If you're good at it, and you keep wanting to get better at it, and you make people like you, you'll surely set out on the right foot.

Photography makes me feel like I am alive and growing. Makes sense that it is the means for capturing the 'alive and growing' part of other people's lives as well. :)

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