Sunday, September 5, 2010

Daily Dose: Photo 30

The next few photos will be from the helicopter tour of Kaua'i my FIL and I did. Can I just say, WOW to being the heli pilot and getting aerial views of the island everyday. I know every job has its drawbacks, but what an amazing thing it must be to go up and see the changes that come from summer to winter. Jealous! Anyway, if you have the opportunity, definitely take an hour out of your day to do this. Yes, it was a bit cramped and I did have to take many shots blindly, and the window glare will show up in some of your photos, but even so... still worth it! I mean, look at this:

Na Pali coast

The Na Pali coast is accessible by only: 1) helicopter/plane, 2) boat, or 3) hiking the dangerous 11 mile (actually, 22 mile, seeing as you go back the way you came from!) Kalalau trail which involves setting up camp because you will not be hiking in the dark. So, you take your pick. ;) Either way, this beauty is untouchable.


Alice said...

wow, untouchable beauty indeed. really does look stunning there.

Ryan said...

It very much is.