Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Personal | A fantastic point.

After catching up on some blog admiring, I came across a post by Erin Farrell that does a fantastic job at showing the difference between know-how vs. great gear. I definitely recommend reading the whole post here, but here is an excerpt:

"Your Camera Takes Really Nice Pictures"
Imagine that you’re baking dessert for a party.  It’s your special recipe: the one everyone asks for.  You make it from scratch, of course, never looking at the recipe that you committed to memory so long ago.  Sugar, beaten eggs, sift in the flour…  you’re crafting something delicious from basic elements.  Now you’re at the party and everyone is gushing about your dessert.  The flavor!  The texture!  But most of all you’re being asked, “what kind of oven do you have?  It makes great cakes!”
That’s pretty much how a photographer feels when people look at their photos and say, “your camera takes great pictures.”
Of course it’s not the camera that takes great photos, any more than it’s the oven that makes a great dessert.  Ovens and cameras are just tools that make our jobs easier.  Yes, better equipment does make a difference.  I wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on cameras and lenses if it didn’t.  However, you must understand the camera to take advantage of all it can offer.  Just because you’re using a professional camera does not mean you are producing professional images.

Just some food for thought this Wednesday morning. :)

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